Our Spring Is Coming

Our Spring Is Coming

2015/06/09 02:29
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At the beginning of 2015, the demands of oral liquid light inspection machine has been rising up,Jiangsu Wuzhong Pharmaceutical Gourp Corporation,Nanjing tefeng pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd., CSPC Ouyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

, Tiandi Pharm.,Grandpharma(China)Co,.Ltd etc have orderd our oral liquid impurity inspection machine successively,especially tai chi group,who ordered 13sets at one-time.As the increasing of labor costs, oral liquid inspection machine will acquire greater market opportunities. 

In addition to the oral liquid inspection machine,our automatic ampoule inspection machine still maintain the advantage of market leader.In March 2015,we got the order from CSPC Ouyi Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd again.9 sets in total..At present, our ampoule automatic inspection machine is good at detecting the roast word.

In 2015, We’ll devote to R&D more inspection machine.At present, the inspection machine for infusion bottle, freeze-dried injection, a series of new equipment has pushed to the market.We believe that we can give more and better products in the near future.

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